Is it too much to ask to make my single instance MongoDB into a highly available cluster? Yes, if you trust only on MongoDB’s docs to do that. Save a couple of hours of breaking stuff by following this quick tutorial instead.

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash — Two is better than one, especially for mongodb instances :)

Let’s start

You have a working, in use with data

Your EC2 instance fails to start? Read here to fix it if it is a mount issue.

See the system log for errors:

Seeing volume mounting issues? It means you need to fix the /etc/fstab using another machine. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new machine with the same instance family…


We, users of open source, need better tooling to quickly assess security, quality, maintainability and legality of open source repositories. I am a Computer Science Masters of Science student who is researching open source and creating a system to answer current gaps. …

Let’s say you are already convinced that using git through the terminal is best comparing to trusting a UI tool. This quick tutorial will cover 80% of the common actions for you to see how easy and fun git through the terminal is.

Assuming you work on a MacOS:

Terminal screenshot with a repo on oh-my-zsh shell

It is hard to drive a car when you can’t see the road


Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Just like shooting a spaceship, you start working your fastest, and then reaching to new heights, environments and capabilities that push you to accelerate and to go faster. A great workplace, manager, a team and yourself are all critical to allow that. I work as a software engineer for a…

Have less bugs and better code style in Python with Pylint static code analysis- This is how to do that (With PyCharm IDE):

Install pylint: pip install pylint

Use pylint as an external tool- unfortunately PyCharm doesn’t support changing its python linter:

Go to Pycharm > Preferences > Tools >…

yarn logo from

Yarn is the new Javascript package manager in town, created by Facebook, and it is so cool, useful and easy to adopt, that NPM may soon become obsolete. In this short example I’ll try to clarify this key killer feature of Yarn, that is the hardest one to understand: The…

The following are tips to spread your wings in your first work in an tech company as a software engineer.

  1. GIT source control- learn to work with the CLI. …

I was asked to develop a server which scrapes a webpage and enables searching on those profiles with REST API. This is a short article describing the development process.

Notice that scraping websites of others is not a legitimate action so this article is for the sake of the development…

If you care about your workplace, it is not easy to leave it. You are leaving your colleagues to deal with all the tasks and challenges without you. You are taking your undocumented-knowledge away from the company and some other mixed-emotions issues that we all know.

In a few months…

Regev Golan

Software Engineer, Team Lead, DevOps, Infrastructure & Big Data @ HiredScore | Empowering Efficient Growth

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