I’ve Joined Check Point- This Is Why



I have never had such a positive and friendly interviewing process as I had in Check Point. My jaw just dropped when I left the campus on the technical test day. Everyone who I met was so nice, professional and pleasant. I’ve heard so many great things about the people I will be working with. It was all so quick and professional. Check Point takes recruiting very seriously. The facilities in the TLV office are very impressive as well. Candidate experience makes the difference.



I love to win. To take part in a winning team. Something big is happening in Check Point and I expect big wins soon for this company for the following reasons.

“You Deserve The Best Security”

This^ is the new mantra leading Check Point, published earlier this year (Jan 2022). So many people, companies and institutions are suffering from cyber attacks. For example: It’s expected that ransomware costs to reach $265 Billion by 2031. Check Point is focused on that domain for more than the past 25 years. A giant that can lead the world. We deserve being protected. That’s a meaningful purpose to get up in the morning for.

“Second Best Will Get You Breached”

With the financial reports of 2021 published, Check Point shows to the world who is really the boss when it comes to the Israeli cyber industry, getting back to leading the board with the highest worth among all Israeli companies, $17B. It’s also not afraid to compare its offering to the competitors and shows how it has the widest and best products so any usage of others is a meaningful risk to get breached.

“Best Security All The Way To The Space”

Check Point hosted the control and communication of the first-ever commercial astronauts mission to space, and the biggest scientific expedition ever conducted in the international space station right from the Tel Aviv Headquarters. It has ended successfully utilizing the company’s products to protect this important mission. See the following video:


Winners Everywhere

Check Point has bought a couple of successful cyber security startups (few examples: Avanan, Protego, Dome9) and especially Spectral just recently (Spectral’s security tools support a wide range of automated code security use cases). Working in the same team with successful, capable and ambitious groups is an amazing experience. I was impressed they live to the standard of allowing many agile organizations within the backing of the corporate resources.

My Role

As mentioned, Check Point has a large offering in the Cloud Security domain. It has hundreds of developers pushing through products on that domain. All those products are using a unified infrastructure of authentication and “application marketplace”. I’m going to lead not only a group of highly skilled engineers that develop excellent products, but also connect with hundreds of engineers to let them plug into the infrastructure to be served to Check Point’s clients. We’re a versatile group of engineers using the state-of-the-art engineering tools- NodeJS, ReactJS, Kubernetes, AWS, Prometheus, Grafana and many others.

Focal Point

Developer relations, application workflows and reliable infrastructure are going to be meaningful pillars of my work. The best ingredients I enjoy working with. Being in the center between dozens of dev teams and the infrastructure connecting workflows and technology while we scale our offering is going to be an incredible challenge.

Production All The Way

Full stack development on SaaS products is not only writing code locally. Our engineers in the Cloud Infra group must get comfortable in production. Aside from making clean code one must also think on monitoring, metrics, alerts and cloud architecture.

Join Me

You felt this part is coming right? :) Here you go:



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Regev Golan

Regev Golan

R&D Group Manager @ Check Point | Software Engineer